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june 25th, 2016 Article
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Front trends 2016

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On May 18-20 2016 me and two other PrimeModule front-end developers attended one of the best front-end developers’ conference in Europe. Front-Trends is a 3-day event, gathering web and mobile developers, UI/UX designers and JavaScript, CSS, HTML gurus from all over the world. This is a great chance to meet the best-of-the-best in the industry, get a lot of inspiration and learn directly from the experts during various Q&A sessions.

Front-Trends took place in Space Club, Warsaw. Space Club is a private venue, located in a Warsaw city-center with a closed garden and an indoor space of 1700 sqm. It was truly best place for hosting such a well-known event. The whole space was top-notch and made great first appearance to attendants.

During next chapters I would like to tell you more about each day of conference and also share my thoughts with you and outline most interesting talks.


Big up for the organizers for starting the event on-time. It really rarely happens for that kind of events (with such a big crowd attending) to start according to the schedule. We registered at 8:30 AM got our IDs (with our twitter usernames printed!) and small gift packs, and headed to private garden when there was breakfast served (sponsored by MyFonts). Food was tasty, with a wide variety of flavours and cuisines.

Wednesday host was Tim Holman. It was a great choice. Tim is really entertaining and funny guy who managed to focus our attention on stage for the whole day!

There was a minor problem with heating during day one but quick tweet to organizers solved the problem in minutes. Again big up!

First of the talks I’d like to outline are:

The Web in Motion: animation’s impact on the web by Rachel Nabors

Rachel focused on animations and how they affect users. Interesting part was how web animations changed during past years. Starting from Flash, SMIL, CSS animations and transitions, up to nowadays hit: Web Animations API. Also I really liked examples brought by Rachel, which showed what can be achieved with Web Anim API. I felt really inspired to experiment more with web animations.

RxJS – destroy the state machine! by Stenver Jerkku

Steve spoke about front-end latest trend – reactive programming. He outlined the topic and told us how to take care of memory leaks and stream. I really liked that he showed us how to use RxJS library and spoke a little bit more about the RxJS itself.

Untangle your code with yield by Staś Małolepszy

It was a real rollercoaster. Lot of hard code to understand. You should be really into es6 to follow Staś and learn from his speech. Total mindblower and knowledge booster!

Once More with Feeling by Tim Kadlec

Tim spoke mostly about performance in web apps. This was the most inspiring talk for me. He provided audience with some real-life examples. He mentioned about the web app for calculating taxes. Uncommon thing was the fact that the app worked too fast so users didn’t trust it. To overcome it, they created fake delay and informed the user that taxes are being calculated. Another example was about people complaining for the long waiting time for elevators. The solution was to install some mirrors in order to engage people and take their attention away from the waiting time. It really worked!


Our eternal digital afterlife by Alberta Soranzo

Basing on the topic I didn’t expect much from this speech, but it turned out to be interesting and eye-opening. Alberta raised up some questions and presented her point of view on our digital life after death. She told us what happens with our accounts, social media identities, past actions on web after we die. Alberta introduced some companies which specialize in deleting our accounts after death. She claimed that it is really common nowadays that social medias remind users about birthday of their dead friends causing, of course, a lot of pain. Very interesting topic about things we totally forget and don’t care about.

Demo Reel & Tiny JavaScript by Mathieu Henri

Mathieu did some really impressive live coding during his presentation. He used web audio API in order to generate particles into really cool shapes and music. Although his code was a little bit messy, the whole concept and the effect was outstanding. Really impressive Mathieu! Chapeu bas!

On Thursday, after the last speech, organizers took care about after-party. It was held in Concept 13. Really exclusive and posh (in a positive way) restaurant. The party was also very well organized and conduced to network, meet new people and get to know others.


Last day of Front-Trends was also really inspiring, entertaining and perfectly hosted (catering during the whole event was exceptional).

Modern Websites for the Modern Web by Patrick Kettner

is the first talk I would like to mention. Patrick told us about modernizr. He outlined how they recreated modernizr using components. He spoke a lot about building fast web applications along the way.

CSS for Software Engineers for CSS Developers by Harry Roberts

To me, talk by Harry was one of the most interesting talks on CSS during the whole conference. He shared a lot of really valuable knowledge about cascade style sheets. He systematized my knowledge on CSS and presented really valuable CSS paradigms (i.e. don’t repeat yourself, single source of truth).
Last presentation during Front-Trends was:

Don’t hate the player, hate the game by Tim Holman

It was awesome! Apart from being non-technical, it was attractive and funny! Tim shared his story on pranking recruiters. I laughed really hard. I think that it was a perfect idea to end-up Front-Trends with such a hilarious and light talk.

Final thoughts

In one word I would say that Front-Trends is an remarkable conference. Organizers did their job! Lot of coffee breaks, breakfasts and lunches. All that things made it easy for the audience to network, meet new people and share experience. Great venue, a lot of screens and speakers made the whole conference “easy to attend”. Thanks to that we could take part in speeches while laying on loungers in private garden. No delays occurred during those three days.

Also, all of the speakers were world-class names and were really prepared. They were presenting their topics smoothly and shared their knowledge in a very understandable way. They all seemed to be relaxed and to have broad experience in public speaking. It made talks easy to follow and enjoyable.

Being picky I could only say that personally I would like to see more strictly technical presentations next year. But all in all Front-Trends are a must-to-be conference and I am sure that I will attend it again, next year!